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Softball Co-Ed League

We had to make the difficult decision to only have 1 team this year due to the challenges of filling a full roster every week for both teams. Co-ed softball rules dictate that the roster must have an even number of female and male players but can have more female than male players, meaning that if only 4 females show up for the game we are only allowed to field and bat 8 players...4 male and 4 female...and we all know how that usually ends up. We are not in need of players so please do not feel obligated if you are no longer interested.

The expectation and commitment is that you play every week you can and give the team as much of a notice as possible when you will need to miss a game. It is not fair to the managers as well as the players who show up to always have to chase folks down to play every week. If you love the game of softball or you just love playing outside with friends and you find yourself getting excited every Sunday to play then please sign up before April 17th, 2019 and make the commitment but if your Sundays are busy or it's just not something you get excited for well then it's also okay to sit this one out. No hard feelings.


Hope City Co-Ed Softball; Sunday nights; 1 Team; Maximum 20 players per roster, 12 players per line-up; First game is Sunday May 5th (time & diamond TBD); Game times are 5:00pm, 6:10pm, 7:20pm and 8:30pm; No games played on May 26th & July 7th (possibly June 30th, need to confirm); Location: Macomb Corners Park, 25 Mile Rd east of Romeo Plank; Cost of each team is $600, individual cost will vary depending on # of registrants as well as sponsorships. 

Expectations/Requirements & Misc. Important Info:

Season is approx. 13 weeks long with at least 10 games guaranteed to play plus a 1 game elimination tournament at the end of the season; Line-up cannot have more guys than girls but CAN have more girls than guys; Expect to play every week and expect to rotate in and out of the field & line-up depending on who will be available from week to week; We also need non-players for score keeping for every week; Scorekeeper duties would include keeping score, calling out line-up at the turn of each inning, trading book back and forth with opposing team's scorekeeper.

Main Campus Campus

Mike Sadler
[email protected]

Macomb Corners Park

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Registration closed on Thursday, May 2, 2019